Why an Independent Assessment

Why do you want an independent firm to conduct an annual Security Risk Assessment for you? Why do businesses sometimes have an Accounting firm do an independent audit of their books?  Why is it recommended to get ‘a second opinion’ for health issues?  Generally speaking, the reason is because sometimes another firm will look at your situation from another ‘point of view’.  They may uncover problems that your company didn’t even know you had.

Zombie Data is currently booking clients thru the end of Q1 2017.  Visit us at https://www.securityriskhipaa.com/ to learn more about our Security Risk Assessment service and to reach out to us. We can then work on scheduling our initial conversation and walk thru exactly how perform this assessment.  If you currently have a firm that supports the handling of your Cyber Security and your sensitive Electronic Data, we invite them to participate in our Assessment process.  We want to get as much information on your company’s situation so we can provide the most complete feedback from our Security Risk Assessment.

As we launch into 2017 we want to reiterate that Cyber Security is a very serious concern for businesses of all sizes.  We found it compelling that CyberPolicy, an insurance firm dedicated to protecting businesses from cyber attacks, states that over 43% of cyber attacks targeted small business in 2015.  These businesses need to take this seriously.  We look forward to working with your firm in 2017 to evaluate and help protect your firm from cyber attacks.