Introducing the Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

Introducing the Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

Introducing the Employee Cybersecurity Assessment is an easy and effective way to protect your company’s network. Hackers are looking for new victims every day. In fact, bad actors may be scanning LinkedIn for new employees. Oftentimes, new employees post photos and discuss their new job title on social media sites, without realizing that they may be a target of cyberattacks. Fortunately, this is a preventable problem.

Employee Cybersecurity Assessment

If you want to protect your business email and data from hackers, you should consider using an Employee Cybersecurity Assessment. The company offers cloud-based security and email archiving services, which are key elements of any comprehensive email risk management program. Employee Cybersecurity Assessment will help your company understand which employees have the greatest vulnerability to cyber attacks, and how to combat them. The results will allow you to implement proactive security measures, such as enforcing security controls.

To increase employee awareness, this approach offers an online training kit that includes details about phishing, vishing, wire transfer fraud, and inadvertent leaks. Its online training platform uses recurring themes and characters to engage employees and communicate important security information.

Insight Risk Assessment

The training solutions combine different methods of training and challenging games to engage employees and retain the information they are learning. Insight Risk Assessment assesses the effectiveness of a cybersecurity awareness training program. These assessments provide a baseline of knowledge to determine areas for improvement and recommend training. For companies wishing to conduct an assessment of their cybersecurity knowledge, contact us for more information. This provides the organization with information on the level of knowledge among employees and recommends training programs to help them build up their cybersecurity awareness.

Phishing training

The latest solution from the email security and cyber resilience allows companies to run phishing training exercises for their employees. The results of the simulations are incorporated into a dashboard that gauges security posture. This feature re-defines how risk is measured overall. It also helps companies avoid the costly mistakes that many organizations make when dealing with phishing emails.

Organizations must implement a comprehensive security strategy to avoid losing sensitive data through email. Whether through careless users or compromised accounts, employees will send and receive sensitive data and intellectual property. Companies should enforce security policies and use security controls to inspect email content and attachments. For more information, contact us.