Our Story

Zombie Data was originally founded to work clients on their Data Strategy and Business Intelligence solutions.  While working with several Medical and Health Insurance related clients we recognized a need for a service to perform an independent HIPPA Security Risk Assessment to satisfy current HIPPA and upcoming government regulations (MACRA).  This led us to formalizing the service in front of you today.

Meet the Team

Rob Vorbroker

Founder & Principal Consultant

Rob is one of those rare individuals who can understand both the Technical and Business needs of his clients.  Assisting his Clients to succeed is his #1 goal.  He has proven that by providing a set of services to our clients, we can partner with them to effectively achieve their goals.

John Hogan

Founder & Principal Consultant

John combines innovative ideas and conventional strategies to provide security solutions in the Healthcare industry.  His experience with providing support with medical practice creates successful situations for his clients.

Gretchen H

Medical Consultant

Gretchen has been in practice as a Podiatrist for 15 years.  Her experience from the Medical EHR and Regulations helps provide an invaluable insight to help with real-life HIPAA and other practice issues.

Next Steps...

Contact us now to schedule your Annual Security Assessment.  Time is running out.